#85 Spinal Cord, Cross section (Nissl stain)

How is the structure of the dorsal side of the spinal cord different from the ventral side? The ventral horns are more rounded. The cell bodies in the ventral horn are larger because they are involved in motor function. In this slide ventral is at the bottom of the image.

To what structures at the electron microscopic level do the Nissl bodies correspond? RER, free ribosomes

What are the three layers of meninges? <Dura mater (outermost), Arachnoid matter, Pia mater (innermost). Is there anything inside the central canal? Cerebrospinal fluid

#83 Thoracic Sympathetic ganglion, Human

What is the functional consequence of the location of these neurons (that is, the parasympathetic ganglion) near the target organ? Nerve impulses reach the target organ more quickly via the parasympathetics than sympathetics. Impulses move more slowly along unmyelinated axons, and the unmyelinated postganglionic axons are much shorter in the parasympathetic system than the sympathetic system.

#39 Colon, (H&E, thin plastic section)

Locate neuronal cell bodies within the ganglia. What other types of cell would you expect to find in these ganglia? Glia

#80 Sciatic Nerve, 2 sections (Cajal)

Find some nodes of Ranvier. What is their role? Site where depolarization occurs in myelinated nerves

#113 Artery, vein and nerve, primate (H&E)

What are the cells within the nerve whose nuclei are stained? Schwann cells, fibroblasts