#64 Ovary, Adult Human, Corpus Luteum of Pregnancy

What is the primary ovarian source of estrogenic hormones?
Granulosa cells.

What are the fine structural specializations of ovarian cells involved with the production of steroid hormones?
Mitochondria with tubulo-vesicular cristae, SER, lipid droplets.

#68 Uterine Tube, Human, H&E

In which portion of the uterine tube does fertilization occur?

#65 Uterus, Human Pre-ovulatory or Proliferative State, H&E

What is the primary ovarian hormone stimulating the endometrium during this stage?

#66 Uterus, Human, Secretory or Progravid Stage, H&E

What is the dominant ovarian structure during the secretory stage?
Corpus luteum.

Which ovarian hormone is necessary for the maintenance of the secretory stage of the endometrium?

Which zones of the endometrium may be lost during menstruation?
Functionalis (compactum and spongiosum).

#67 Cervix, Human

What are some of the possible functions of cervical mucus?
Impedes sperm entry except in peri-ovulatory period when the mucus is less viscous

In what other regions of the body does one observe an abrupt junction between simple columnar and stratified epithelia?
Gastro-esophageal junction, colo-rectal junction.


What is the placental source of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG)? Trophoblast.

What fluid bathes chorionic villi? Maternal blood


What are the major hormones responsible for the cyclic changes in the mammary gland? Estrogen and progesterone.