Uterine Tube (Fallopian Tube)

#68 Uterine Tube, Human, H&E

There are sections taken from the ampulla of two uterine tubes: one in the middle of the menstrual cycle and the other 2.5 months pregnant. Note the highly convoluted surface of the mucosa; these folds decrease progressively from the ovarian (infundibular) end of the tube to the uterine (isthmus) portion.

The muscularis becomes progressively thicker toward the uterine end of the tube. Ciliary beating is the mechanism of movement of the ovum toward the uterus. Identify both ciliated and secretory epithelial cells on the mucosal surface. The uterine tubes are a common site of occlusion after gonorrhea, thus producing sterility.

In which portion of the uterine tube does fertilization occur?